A relaxed timeline
Getting ready with your groomsmen
Groom fun starts from the morning. You can spice up your time together with the groomsmen by including some fun details like mismatched socks or fun ties, and even indulge in some activities like playing pool. Don’t forget to toast together to the bright future ahead! Your Nashville wedding photographer will love these amazing moments of bonding!
Schedule some alone time with your love
Take a moment to meet with your beloved before the ceremony begins. Consider how far you two have come together and how priceless this day is for you two. This is the ideal opportunity to take secret Nashville wedding photos of just the two of you against gorgeous scenery to remember your intimate moments.
More alcohol doesn’t mean more groom fun
A healthy amount of booze makes for enjoyable moments and some amazing wedding photos, but crossing over the limit can make you tired, or even worse – make you forget your most special moments!
Personalize the dancing experience
Why not spice up your actions and surprise your beloved? There is a whole array of fun groom entrance songs that can replace the old and classic with unique and amazing! You can choose a special song and show off your moves and just dance like no one is watching. As an alternative, you can do this as a couple, or even as a groom and groomsmen combo. 
Groom fun – done your way
Like previously mentioned, what is fun for one, doesn’t have to be fun for another. So, if you feel like your reception can have some additional activities, why not organize lawn games that you personally enjoy? It will be perfect for some bonding time with your groomsmen and guests!
Lastly, make sure you vibe with your Nashville wedding photographer
As the groom, you will want to savor all candid moments, so having someone who can capture that, and whose presence you find enjoyable; is of vital importance. There is no point in being stiff in your wedding photos because the professional you chose cannot relax you and doesn’t match your personality.

We hope that you found these tips for having groom fun helpful! If you are planning a Nashville wedding, we’d love to hear from you. It would be an honor to capture all of your meaningful moments!

Grooms Can Have Fun Too!

How to have a wonderful day as a Groom

Grooms can also have fun on their wedding day
You've just been engaged, chosen a location, and are looking through the list of things for a groom to do. First of all, congratulations! Planning your big day is incredibly exciting – but the wedding itself is the peak! While mostly these celebrations revolve around the bride having the best day of her life, we are here to tell you that groom fun is a real thing too! Generally, what is fun for one, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fun for all. So today, we are listing several groom tips and ideas that will inspire you to enjoy your wedding day even more!

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